Steering system & Suspension

This has been the most difficult part so far as I had to adjust every piece in order to fit to my project. I bought some parts such as the front suspension and wheels, steering knuckles, steering box, steering wheel and the strut bar from a Tico car. I have chosen these parts because Tico has MacPherson suspension which is very easy to implement.


I have also attached the pedals from an old Dacia.

Until now, the steering is responsive, the geometry is ok and I shouldn’t have any problems in the future.


I have been searching for a suitable engine since I bought the plans, but last week I found one laying in a garage. It is a Kawasaki ZX600 motorcycle (Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R) from ’98 which has incurred an accident. I paid for it 400 €. The front is undone, but the engine is in perfect condition. It has 10.00 km, 75 kW (100 hp) @ 12500 rpm. I chose it not only because it is compact and has a 6-gear gearbox included, but it is powerful at the same time.


I have designed and build a framework for it in order to be easily unmounted and to have fully access to it for further changes.