RC car – electrical version

The problem with my buggy is the fuel consumption. After only several laps, the tank is empty. We confront with this problem every day with our real cars and the solution would be changing the propulsion system. My plan was to convert my buggy into an electrical car.

I used 2 DC motors (12 V each), one for the front axle and one for the rear one. In this way, the transmission system and the brake system is simplified, losing weight and increasing the performance.


I use a 4600 mA battery pack which resists half an hour at full speed. The car responds faster, has a better acceleration, but in terms of top speed is with 5 km/h slower.

RC car tunning

One of my favorite hobbies is driving a remote-controlled car. This is why I own a HPI Trophy Buggy (1:8 scale)with a 2.5 hp engine which runs on nitro fuel. It speeds up to 60 km/h which makes it a dangerous hobby. I drive it on special race tracks where children have no access.

I have started to adjust my car and boost its performance in order to do quicker laps. I have changed the gear ratio from 21:1 to 18:1, for having more speed and less power. I have changed the brakes and suspension, I have changed the oil from the 3 differentials (one in front, one in rear and one in the middle) with a less viscous oil in order to get rid of extra friction between gears.

This is the engine with a new clutch, air filter and exhaust pipe:


After several weeks of adjusting, the buggy looked as following:


Tyres are one of the most important parts of the buggy. I have changed the original ones as there were soft with harder ones.