Triathlon Challenge Mamaia 2012

This is my first triathlon where I participated at individual category, that means I completed all three stages: swimming, cycling and running. I chose the Olympic race (the longest) as I felt ready to face up the challenge.



As the weather was awful (11° C) and the water temperature was below 9, the swimming stage was cancelled an hour before the race and it was replaced by 5 km of running. I decided to dose my energy level, so I ran with an average of 10 km/h.


This stage was held on asphalt which represented an extra level of difficulty for me as I own an off-road bike. There were 36 km and I completed them in 1h10′.


After so much effort, I was exhausted but I had to run another 10 km and by the end of the race I had many cramps in my calves.

My final time was 2h35′ and I finished the 12th.

During the cycling stage: second 53”

Android’s head

After my success with Spy Robot I decided to put together all my projects in one in order to create an Android. The purpose of this project is to control a humanlike robot. This idea comes from what I’ve done with the pan & tilt system which imitates a human neck. If I place the IMU sensor on my head, it will send my head’s coordinates and position to the servos which control the camera. In this way, the Android’s head (camera) is moving simultaneously with my head, recording and streaming in real-time the images. In this way, it gives me the opportunity to collect data from the place where the Android is sent.

I divided the Android into three smaller projects:

  • Head;
  • Arms;
  • Legs.

Next year, I will design and build one of the Android’s arm, which would be one of the most important abilities of the robot.