Triathlon Challenge Mamaia 2012

This is my first triathlon where I participated at individual category, that means I completed all three stages: swimming, cycling and running. I chose the Olympic race (the longest) as I felt ready to face up the challenge.



As the weather was awful (11° C) and the water temperature was below 9, the swimming stage was cancelled an hour before the race and it was replaced by 5 km of running. I decided to dose my energy level, so I ran with an average of 10 km/h.


This stage was held on asphalt which represented an extra level of difficulty for me as I own an off-road bike. There were 36 km and I completed them in 1h10′.


After so much effort, I was exhausted but I had to run another 10 km and by the end of the race I had many cramps in my calves.

My final time was 2h35′ and I finished the 12th.

During the cycling stage: second 53”

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