Bucharest City Marathon 2013

A few days ago, I decided to take part in one of the biggest sport competitions held in our country. Being used to short distances and running 6 km per day (2 days per week in extra-season), I jumped in to overcome my limits. Until now, the longest running race I finished was the Triathlon Challenge Mamaia 2012 where I had to run 15 km.


Today, I finished the Half Marathon (21 km) in 1:55 minutes. The weather was good, so the conditions to beat my record were appropriate. In the first 10 km I ran with an average of 15 km/h, whereas in the second part of the race I had an average of 8.8 km/h as I had no experience of how to maintain my energy level constant for such an effort.

I drank a coffee and a magnesium pill before the race, during it I drank 1 litre of water and by the end of the race I had 2 kilograms less.

This was a unique opportunity for me to develop my resistance to effort. I will train more for the next year in order to participate to the marathon (42 km) and finish in less than 3:30.