Frame upgrade & first print

Even from the beginning I didn’t really like the metal bed frame with the threaded rods and nuts, but I chose to build it because it was cheap. So after I finished my printer I started to look up on the internet on how can I improve the quality of the printer. More and more people were complaining about the metal frame which cause alignment issues and vibrations, but no one did anything about it. I couldn’t find any upgrade that could replace the existing frame, so I decided I should take initiative. In fact, this is what an open source project means, I used other people’s work, now it is my time to give something to this society. This is the difference between the old frame and the one I designed:

The dxf files for the frame are my own design and can be downloaded for free from here under GNU license. The CATIA files are also in the repository in case of any further edit.

This bed frame solves the alignment problems and it suits perfectly with the main frame I use. It is now more stable, it has no vibrations and the printig quatily is improved. Please feel free to download the files and laser cut them out of 6mm MDF.