“Kings Land” Triatlon 2013

It wasn’t any difference between the last two competitions as the weather conditions were almost the same.
“Kings Land” Triatlon took place in Oradea, Romania. Gaining experience from the previous triathlon, I focused more on the cycling part of the competition as it represented about 50% of the final time.

Swimming (1000 m)

I swam in the local lake without the neoprene suit as the water had 18 degrees Celsius. Swimming in fresh water represented an even harder challenge for me, therefore I finished in 21 minutes.

Cycling (28 km)

This race was shorter than usual, but had a 250 m level difference. I rode with an average of 19 km/h.

Running (6 km)

I had 6 one kilometer laps and I was able to sprint in the last lap up to 16 km/h during the final kilometer. I finished in 36 minutes.

My final time of 2:39 placed me on the 3rd position. I gained 20 points, having a total score of 46 points until now. In addition to this, I took part at the same time, in a relay race with my dad (@ cycling) and with a friend (@ running). That was possible wearing two chips for the two different categories: the individual and the relay race. When I finished swimming, I gave the relay chip to my dad and I went on to cycling. They had a total time of 2:38, thus finishing on the second position.

Completing this two stages allowed me to stay on the podium.


“Fără Asfalt” Triathlon 2013

7847_636049083091668_1176098278_nAfter this competition I could say that I have started the season with the right foot.

The weather was good so I finished on the 2nd place within less than 3 hours as I promised (more precisely 02:50:58).

Swimming (1000 m)

As the water was cold, under 16° Celsius, I wore the neoprene suit. I finished the first stage in 19 minutes.

Cycling (33 km)

The track was not very difficult as there was insignificant difference of level. I finished in 1:45 with an average of 19 km/h.

Running (8 km)

As usual, the most difficult part is at the end, or at least it feels so. After so much effort, I had too little energy to have a good timing, so I did it in 46 minutes, with 10 minutes more than I usually have at my trainings for this distance.

All in all, it was a good race where I developed my technique skills. I got 26 points so far and I am placed on the second place at Grand Prix.