“Fără Asfalt” Triathlon 2013

7847_636049083091668_1176098278_nAfter this competition I could say that I have started the season with the right foot.

The weather was good so I finished on the 2nd place within less than 3 hours as I promised (more precisely 02:50:58).

Swimming (1000 m)

As the water was cold, under 16° Celsius, I wore the neoprene suit. I finished the first stage in 19 minutes.

Cycling (33 km)

The track was not very difficult as there was insignificant difference of level. I finished in 1:45 with an average of 19 km/h.

Running (8 km)

As usual, the most difficult part is at the end, or at least it feels so. After so much effort, I had too little energy to have a good timing, so I did it in 46 minutes, with 10 minutes more than I usually have at my trainings for this distance.

All in all, it was a good race where I developed my technique skills. I got 26 points so far and I am placed on the second place at Grand Prix.



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