This miniQuad build is meant for racing. My goal is to build a low-budget version of this:

Charpu’s quad is around 1000 ‎€ and I think I can achieve about the same performance with a fourth of that money.

I am using the same technique as I did with the big Quad V2.0. A sandwich frame, but instead of the round profile booms, I am using square profile because it is easier to make the connection between the carbon fibre bars.


The dxf files for the frame are my own design and can be downloaded for free from here under GNU license.

Since the quad is built for racing it is calculated to hover at 30% thrust. The total weight of the aircraft is 535g, battery included.

Formula Student experience

One year ago I joined this amazing student team. DUT15 is the name of the car that 80 people worked on so hard to bring it to life. Today I am proud to say that we are the overall winners of FSUK 2015, on the Silverstone circuit and the overall winners of FSG 2015 on the Hockenheim circuit!



About the car


DUT is a 4WD electric car, each wheel being powered by a motor.

  • Total weight (no driver): 160kg
  • Motors: 4 x AMK 35kW
  • Accumulator: 7.2kWh LiPo
  • Acceleration: 0-100Km/h in 2.3s

Design presentation:


From sketch to victory

I worked on the car as a part time Powertrain engineer. During the period of 9 months the entire team went through conceptual preliminary and detailed design, as well as manufacturing and testing. During the design phase, I was responsible for the water cooling system of the four motor controllers.  During the manufacturing phase I was in the mechanical crew milling the suspension brackets and lathing the shafts of the car.


All in all, it was an amazing experience. I improved my design and manufacturing skills and most important, I had a lot of fun building this car!