RC car tunning

One of my favorite hobbies is driving a remote-controlled car. This is why I own a HPI Trophy Buggy (1:8 scale)with a 2.5 hp engine which runs on nitro fuel. It speeds up to 60 km/h which makes it a dangerous hobby. I drive it on special race tracks where children have no access.

I have started to adjust my car and boost its performance in order to do quicker laps. I have changed the gear ratio from 21:1 to 18:1, for having more speed and less power. I have changed the brakes and suspension, I have changed the oil from the 3 differentials (one in front, one in rear and one in the middle) with a less viscous oil in order to get rid of extra friction between gears.

This is the engine with a new clutch, air filter and exhaust pipe:


After several weeks of adjusting, the buggy looked as following:


Tyres are one of the most important parts of the buggy. I have changed the original ones as there were soft with harder ones.