Last week-end I met my friends at karting, somewhere in Pipera. The race track has about 2 km and they have 2 types of karts to rent. Some of 6 hp and some of 13 hp which speed up to 80 km/h. We chose the powerful option and did some laps. I was very fascinated about this sport and I found out they have even driving courses I am very interested in. I started to look for a kart as I wanted to follow a career in this type of sport. My father supported me up to a point, when, I had to purchase my kart which was quite expensive. Quickly after that, he gave me an idea saying: “Why don’t you build one of your own?”. It took me only one second to go to the computer and search for “DIY kart”.

There are a lot of tutorials about building your own kart and searching for it led me to its bigger brother: The Buggy. It is a one-person car with full suspension designed for off-road conditions. It means more hours of hard-working than building a 10 hp kart, but it’s worth. I found a website which has different types of buggy plans and I decided to draw inspiration from them.



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