Grand Prix Triathlon Exterra 2013

The triathlon season starts in two weeks so I have already started to train myself by running 10 km/day, swimming 1 km/day (2 days/week) and cycling occasionally when riding around the city (about 5 km/day).

Here is my equipment:


Bioel Triathlon Grand Prix is consisted of 5 independent Triathlons in different parts of Romania, each of them having about 1 km of swimming, 35 km of cycling and 10 km of running. The Grand Prix is divided into two types of competitions. The Exterra triathlons which have an off-road track for cycling and the Road Triathlons which are exclusive on the asphalt.

This year I will participate only at Exterra Triathlons as I have already prepared my bike for off-road conditions.

The 5 stages of Exterra are as follows:

I will gather points at every stage according to my final time. My goal is to finish each race in less than 3 hours in order to be among top 3.

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